1. The customer must pay in full for the package’s validity; Bonita reserves the right to stop package usage when services are used more than the payment made by the customer.

  2. All packages are only valid for one year from the date of sign-up unless otherwise stated.

  3. Re-activate Expired Package: Bonita reserves the right to freeze the expired package. There will be an admin charge for re-activate the expired package.

  4. Use package first policy: Bonita’s staffs reserve the right to deduct payment from the package if there is no ongoing promotion. No splitting ways of payment will be allowed during this process.

  5. No-Shows/ Un-Reachable Customers/ Multiple Calendars Booking in a week will be charged on packages at our discretion.

  6. Package & ongoing promotion policy: If there is a promotion, customers may choose to enjoy the promotion on an ala-carte payment basis. The package terms and conditions still remain the same.

  7. No Package accumulation policy: Staff will refuse to sell you more than one package. This is to avoid a situation where the customer cannot use her packages before the expiry date.

  8. Non-Refundable/ Non-Transferable (At Bonita’s Discretion)

  9. Package Terms may change at any time, at our discretion.

Package refund policy: If you cannot use a package due to exigent condition, you get 7 days from signup for refund. Depending on the payment mode, we may deduct charges taken by payment providers and bank. There is no refund otherwise and Bonita reserves the right to manage such requests (i.e. handled on a case to case basis). If we choose to provide refund, we will deduct total cost of services based on amount paid by customer (not on value of package). An admin charge maybe levied.

Since 2013, we have managed thousands of new package and renewals with a proper record of customer transactions. On average, our discounts are at capped at 10% to protect interest of package customers. We are here to stay and you may shop with us in confidence.