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Henna Hair Colouring

Are you looking for affordable and quality hair colouring services in the CBD area? At Bonita, we offer 100% authentic and certified natural techniques of colouring with Pure Henna products.

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Organic Hair Colouring

Do you have a specific colour preference? Try out our range of natural colour products from Denmark. Not only does it brings out the specific colour, yet it stays 99% natural. Try it today!

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Impromptu dinner tonight without any preparation? Look your best without a facial specially designed for the immediate effect difference in 1 session.

Make an appointment with us and learn more about your skin. Let us recommend the best facial for you.  


Need a quick fix on your brows? Have your eyebrows shaped with us; Threading is one of the fastest techniques, which doesn’t take longer than 10min in a session. Best recommended for sensitive skin, which is not suitable for waxing.

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Hair is growing back too quickly? Does shaving cause ingrown hair? Why not try out the waxing service? 

Not only do we offer waxing services for facial hair, but we also offer other areas and the service is restricted only to female patrons. Book now!

Brazilian Waxing

Are you feeling troubled by hair growth and weekly shaving? Need grooming for your pubic region? 

Shaving may cause in-grown hair which will be troublesome to remove. Brazilian wax leaves you smoother longer and it helps to remove damaged skin cells and allows healthy, new skin tissue to grow. Book a session today!