GIA Aqua Cacteen Lift Mask

Price: $88

Description: A 6-sheet pack mask will visibly smoothen out wrinkles while lifting up the face, leaving the skin more radiant, softer and smoother.

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What is it made out of?

GIA Aqua Cacteen Lift Mask is formulated with the synergistic combination of highly efficacious long-lasting moisture-retaining agents such as Mexican Cactus and Sodium Hyaluronate with Algae extract which is a powerful skin condoning anti-ageing active. 

How does the Cacteen Lift Mask helps?

The formula contains superior moisturizing agents that provide an instant boost of moisture while helping to retain moisture for a long period of time. When used regularly, this mask helps to firm, tighten and smooth out fine lines on your face while reducing the appearance of age spots and discolouration.

This hydrating mask improves skin elasticity and tone, leaving you with a visibly younger, more luminous complexion.