Biosys Revitalizing Hair Tonic

Price: $39

Description: Biosys Revitalizing Hair Tonic is a rich, intensive tonic that helps to maintain density of thinning hair and regulates sebaceous secretions.

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What is this product about?

Special botanical extracts help to strengthen and revitalize the scalp, preventing falling hair and encouraging healthier, fuller-looking hair. This no greasy formula has a cool menthol fragrance that leaves the scalp clean and refreshed.

Suitable for all hair types

It’s suitable for all hair types, including chemically treated and coloured hair. This product is infused with botanical extracts that strengthen and revitalize your scalp, preventing hair loss and promoting healthier, fuller hair.

Non-Greasy Hair Tonic

The formula’s non-greasy, this hair-reviving shampoo is infused with menthol, a cool scent that leaves the scalp feeling fresh.