Biosys Invigorating Treatment

Price: $80

Description: A natural solution for invigorating hair treatment, It helps the hair become shiny, smoother, softer and healthier looking.

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What is this product about?

It is specially formulated with a walnut shell, which produces instantly to reduce residue chemicals and helps nourishing products and active ingredients penetrate better when applied. 

Benefits of Walnut

Walnuts are a natural source of Vitamin E and Omega-3, which are known to improving hair density, strengthen hair and reduce breakage.

It will also help to stimulates our scalp, prevents dandruff, and improves the texture of our hair.

How it helps?

Biosys Invigorating Treatment​ will help to replenishes lost moisture and strengthens hair’s internal structure to the hair due to excessive chemical processes.

This results in shiny, smoother, softer, manageable and healthy looking hair.