Find the list of Bonita packages with our recommendations here. These are great deals and we hope you will like them.
If you a specific query, please write or call us using the contact options on our website.

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Session package (Discontinued since Jan 2018)

  1. Fiver : 5+1 package! Gives you 20% extra value i.e. you pay only 80% each session (sort of a 20% discount!).

Good to buy if you only choose a given set of services every time e.g. if you do eyebrow threading only, buy this one.

Sample process :

  1. Customer prepays for 5 sessions of a her choice, lets say eyebrow threading. In this case she pays $45 ($9/session).
  2. She gets 6 sessions of eyebrow threading credited to her account. She can use the first one from the day of sign up.
  3. If customer does lip and eyebrow threading, she pays eyebrow from package while rest on alacarte price (so $6 here)

Value packages

  1. $300 credit package : Gives you $390 value (so you pay 30% less on usual prices)
  2. $500 credit package : Gives you $675 value (so you pay 35% less on usual prices)

Good if you do one or more services e.g. Eyebrow threading and full leg waxing, and then once in a odd while a hair wash?

Sample process:

  1. Customer pays $300 and gets a prepaid credit balance of $390 in her account.
  2. She does service a, b, c for a total price of $125.
  3. Her package is deducted and she is left with $265.

Benefits of getting Bonita packages:

  1. While you are charged on active prices, you pay less when you have a package (at least 20% less).
  2. You will never be refused an appointment when staff is available to serve you.
  3. Packages can be shared with a friend or family member. Please list the beneficiary upfront!
  4. We inform your about our exclusive offers first before going to open market.
  5. New promotions from Bonita will never have more savings than that of package customers.
  6. You will not find Bonita services on Group-on, Fave or similar mass discounting sites (ever).
  7. Want to book on Vaniday? Vaniday booking is limited to Tanjong Pagar branch (no bookings to One Raffles Place). Customers booking Tanjong Pagar but visiting One Raffles place will need to pay for their services and will loose their payments on Vaniday (no show policy of Vaniday). Peak periods are reserved for direct Bonita customers and Vaniday may get less than 5% of our booking slots.
  8. Bonita has no surcharges on Chinese New Year. If you choose to tip, then the therapist gets a bonus directly from the customer. Bonita does ask or claim peak hour surcharge.

Terms and Conditions for Bonita prepaid and sessions packages:

  1. Required to be paid in full for validity of the package. Bonita reserves right to stop package usage when services used are more than the payment made by customer.
  2. Package validity policy : All packages are valid for one year from the date of sign up, unless otherwise stated.
  3. Expired package re-activation: Bonita reserves the right to freeze expired packages. There is an admin charge for re-activation.
  4. Use package first policy: If no promotions are ongoing, staff reserves the right to deduct payment for services from the package first (additional ala-carte payment will be refused).
  5. Package and ongoing promotion policy: If there is a promotion, customer may choose to enjoy the promotion on ala-carte payment basis. The package terms and conditions still remain the same.
  6. No Package accumulation policy: Staff will refuse to sell you more than one packages. This is to avoid a situation where customer is unable to use her packages before the expiry date.
  7. Service refund policy (for package holders): None unless there is an exigent condition; service replacement will be provided within 7 days if we provide incorrect service.
  8. Package refund policy: If you cannot use a package due to exigent condition, you get 7 days from signup for refund. Depending on the payment mode, we may deduct charges taken by payment providers and bank. There is no refund otherwise and Bonita reserves the right to manage such requests (i.e. handled on a case to case basis). If we choose to provide refund, we will deduct total cost of services based on amount paid by customer (not on value of package). An admin charge maybe levied.

Since 2013, we have managed thousands of new package and renewals with a proper record of customer transactions. On average, our discounts are at capped at 10% to protect interest of package customers. We are here to stay and you may shop with us in confidence.

Customer Service Charter (policies) and payment terms:

  1. No credit policy: Payment for our services are due after they are delivered, on the spot. If there is a service problem, customers are advised to pay, take receipt, and reach out to us; we shall look and resolve after a fair investigation. We may fully or partially refund, or replace the service based on investigation facts. If you are short on cash, or your card(s) are not working, please show your IC and pay within 1 day.
  2. Services by professional staff policy: Service is done by experienced professionals, legally employed by Bonita.
  3. Transparent service charges policy: Prices are declared upfront with no hidden charges (e.g. facial ampule scam).
  4. Service prices are listed on our website, Facebook page, in store. Actual paid may be less due to an active promotion.
  5. A complain with service will always be resolved. Customer must pay, report and allow us to revert.
  6. Customer privacy policy (PDPA): We do not share customer details outside of Bonita. Exception are government agencies by relevant order.
  7. Promotion and customer contact policy: We will timely inform you of new promotions, shop updates and service reminders using your phone numbers, email IDs or in person (you can choose to opt out)
  8. No force sell policy: Bonita does not force sell. You choose and sign when you wish, we will still serve you the same. If you find our staff pushing for packages, report to us and we will take appropriate actions.
  9. No sales during services policy: We do not force customers to get into sales related discussion during service.
  10. Unbiased recommendations policy: We do not provide recommendations outside our area of expertise!
  11. Marketing data policy: We use cookie tracking to improve our site and for marketing.
  12. Meals and additional services policy: Customers are offered complimentary water, or herbal tea, sometimes juices. These are free of cost services and service levels vary (peak hours or shortage of our preferred goods).
  13. Free wifi policy: Customers opting for services that take longer time may ask for Wifi passwords for work and entertainment. We advise that customers surf the net responsibly.
  14. No abuse: No matter what, the staff and customers are equals brought together by a professional need. Things may go wrong. Calm down, report and we will work on your feedback.
  15. Guarantee of product : We do not cut corners when buying products for our services. If the product is not available, we will not perform those services.
  16. Guarantee of service routines : We perform full service routines (all steps). Bonita reserves the right to refuse partial services.
  17. We are not case trust certified: We don’t plan to get Case Trust Accreditation and believe we have better service policies.

Loyalty points policy:

  1. At the moment we are internally testing a loyalty policy e.g. customers get x points for spending y dollars and can then redeem these points for services or discounts. This is not open to public yet.
  2. The points system will be determined to balance 3 aspects
    1. To give some value to customers who buy packages (#1 priority).
    2. Give some value to students who get 10% discount on regular prices
    3. Give value to customers who do not buy packages (uncertain/uncomfortable)

We plan to launch it in future and hence we suggest packages as the best way to save money on your transactions with us.

Write to us if you want a recommendation or feedback on absolutely any service area.

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