Looking for Henna for hair services in CBD? You have discovered one of the best salons for natural henna service. We carry a 100% natural henna with zero mineral and chemical additives. This henna is not available in Singapore and we import our product months in advance through an import license. Full process henna service takes 2 hours and we strictly recommend not to do any less. Customers can bring their personal devices and work/watch TV on wifi specially in the One Raffles place branch. We aim to renovate the Tanjong Pagar branch by 2nd half this year and add convenience during such long services. Our shops are kids friendly.

Henna is by far the oldest, reliable and, yet trendiest hair coloring and hair damage control technique available to women. Our henna service is multi pronged : henna’s beautiful color, hair volume and improved hair health are immediately visible. If you are looking to retain your natural color, then that’s the main problem with 100% pure henna (color will be reddish brown to copper brown, not orange). If you have a high color preference, we suggest you check out our range of natural color product (from Denmark) here. You may choose a specific color in brown and black range. Henna still happens to be the ace natural product (minus the color choice).

If we have answered basic FAQ, then you may book an appointment online for Henna service in Singapore CBD in one of the 2 shops below:

Tanjong Pagar : #01-10 Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras link, 3 mins from exit A of Tanjong Pagar MRT

One Raffles Place : #05-14 1 Raffles Place (shopping mall), at Raffles place MRT

We aren’t available on deal sites (will never be), neither do we force sell or offer discounts more than what we offer to our package customers (service first, regular customers first, strict no force sell policy)  .

Prices are 10% lower for students in Singapore listed institutions, and can be found under student services price chart.

What follows below is a general overview of Henna and educative material (3 mins of reading).
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What is Henna?
Henna, Hina or Mehndi is a natural product that comes from the Henna tree.
It has been used for dyeing (coloring), conditioning, and adding volume to hair for centuries. There are uses for skin tattoo (again for centuries). Henna remains “cool”; even in today’s era and one cannot go wrong with henna as a fashion statement. Purity of henna is extremely sought after in countries like US and Australia, with pregnant women, ex-cancer patient, mid-30s who have extremely damaged hair (split ends, super dry).

Since its natural (mostly organic with limited use of fertilizers), the produced color on hair (or when used on skin) is uncontrollable. Pure henna will always give you an range of color between orange to copper brown. The one we use is reddish brown to copper brown. Till date, we haven’t heard any of our customers complain about the color.

Benefits of using Henna for Hair:

  • Free of chemicals hence no damage (instead repairs  your hair and adds volume)
  • Makes hair healthier (natural solution for reducing hair fall and conditioning)
  • Brings an exciting color tone based on exposure and your original color (reddish brown to copper brownish)
  • Extremely common for covering graying/white hair

Difficulties with Henna at Home

  • Extremely messy to do at home
  • We add up steaming, thus strengthening the henna-hair bond: better done at a salon (unless you own one)
  • Dries scalp excessively and hence we will recommend a hot oil massage top up (you need an additional pair of hands)
  • Difficult to find our product and the tone we have (p.s. We simply do not mix anything into Henna, purity is our guarantee)

Why Bonita?

  • Bang in Singapore CBD at Tanjong Pagar and Raffles MRT. No more wading through crowded places (little India?)
  • A discount on price from us still guarantees product and service quality, and routine (wash, blow, dry is included)
  • We follow the full 2 hour routine. Anyone with shorter service time guarantee isn’t likely using a pure product. You can work on your PC at our shop (bring in a privacy screen or request us to get one for you). You may get additional love from our staff on their own accord (i.e. drinks, food, and specials).
  • Solid experience with servicing all hair colors and types (blonde, brown, black, chemically damaged and so on)
  • Henna procured directly from reliable suppliers, and strict quality control
  • All henna related advise is unbiased : you may choose other vendors.

Hair Care services In A Glance (Refer services for full list)

 Service names Price
Wash and blow dry $35+
Henna services for hair $60
Hot Oil Scalp Massage $55
Henna & Hot Oil Scalp Massage $100
Organic Hair Color – root touch up $88
Organic Hair Color – root touch up $128+
Spa Treatment (Protein mask) $50

There is a long and thick hair surcharge (limited from $5 to $30). Please visit us.

More info?

  1. Talk to us for recommended schedules of salon visits
  2. 10% offer valid for one time trial
  3. Strictly women only.
  4. Customers needing privacy after removing Tudong are requested to inform us : we will take care of it. Bonita is a women first salon.
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