Henna Hair Colouring

Are you looking for affordable and quality hair colouring services in the CBD area? At Bonita, we have specialist beauticians trained to use henna and colouring products which we carry in. We offer 100% authentic and certified natural techniques of colouring with Pure Henna product.

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Mel Kaur
Mel Kaur
January 22, 2023.
Wish I had discovered this place sooner.. Neeru is very friendly and did such a great job with my hair henna the first time at Raffles. Requested for Neeru again and as she is usually at Tanjong Pagar, my second visit was there yesterday. Raffles outlet has a bigger space and is more cozy but what matters in the end is the service delivered. Neeru is really good at what she does!
Eunise Ling
Eunise Ling
January 13, 2023.
Affordable, quick and as how i instructed! Coming back again for sure! Thanks Renu! A bit difficult to look for the shop though as in the hotel but their front entrance is between two japanese restaurants.
December 20, 2022.
Second time getting my eyebrows threaded by Neeru and she did a fantastic job! I am very particular with the shape and thickness of my eyebrows but she executes it so perfectly each time. Price is also very reasonable / affordable for the accessible location in town and near Tanjong Pagar MRT! Would highly reccomend
Karen Graham
Karen Graham
December 16, 2022.
Picked this place due to the proximity to my hotel and the reviews posted. What a great find. My technician was fast and effective and all for a good price. Great job!
Sara C. Sandhaas
Sara C. Sandhaas
December 5, 2022.
I have been using their services for more than five years now. Neeru, Manjeet and the team are very friendly and professional. No hard sell and genuinely accomodative of your requests. Thanks!
December 4, 2022.
Affordable place to do brow threading. Used to go to browhaus but it can be 2-3x more expensive. Sometimes, depending on the therapist, the process can be a bit painful though (they are not that gentle compared to Browhaus).
s silva
s silva
December 3, 2022.
Komal’s service, care and attention is always very good!

Henna Hair Colouring

Henna, Hina or Mehndi, is a natural product from the Henna tree leaves which has been used for colouring (hair colouring or even skin tattoo), conditioning and adding volume to the hair for centuries. Henna remains fashionable and in high demand even today; it is a great product suitable for pregnant women, cancer survivors or even people who have highly damaged (dry hair/ split ends) hair. We also recommend hot oil treatment to before every session with us.

Type of Colours

Since Henna is made from natural plants (primarily organic grow with limited use of fertilisers), the result colour that would produce on the hair is uncontrollable. Pure Henna will give you a range of colours, between orange to copper brown. At Bonita, we offer Henna Natural, Brown Henna, Black Henna & Indigo Henna.

Benefit of using Henna

  1. Free of Chemicals, hence it would not cause any hair damage.
  2. It repairs and reduces hair fall and adds volume to the hair. A natural solution for making the hair healthier.
  3. It brings exciting colour tones based on exposure and your original hair colour.
  4. It is often used for covering greying/ white hair.

Why Come To Bonita?

  1. It is not easy and can be extremely messy. The procedure we provided includes steaming to strengthen the henna-hair bond.
  2. If it wasn’t done correctly, it might cause a dehydrated scalp and we recommend top-up for hot oil massage/ ice protein spa treatment.
  3. It is hard to find similar colour tone products that we have.
  4. We do not mix anything into Henna, 100% purity.

Price List

Note that there is a long and thick hair surcharge (limited between $5 to $30).

Colours Price
Henna Natural $60++
Brown Henna $70++
Black Henna $70++
Indigo Henna $70++
Please note that each session may take up to 2 hr 30 mins to 3 hrs depending on the customer’s hair length.
Please use Desktop/ Ipad & Tab for a better view of the price table.
Service Price
Hair Wash $20+
Hair Wash & Blow Dry Straight $35++
Ice Spa Treatment $98++
Hair Loss Treatment $108+
Express Spa $25++
Bonita Spa Treatment $65++
Hot Oil Head Massage $55++
Henna Colouring & Hot Oil Head Massage $100++
Please be advised that the duration of each treatment session may vary from 45 minutes to 1 hour, and pricing may vary based on the length of the customer’s hair.
Please use Desktop/ Ipad & Tab for a better view of the price table.