Looking for an everyday facial without the need to overpay? BTW, we only serve women so you can relax in full privacy.

You can book an appointment right away and get 100% 5 star service at 0% discount or read our recommendation on which facial to choose and our process. You may also read on if you are wondering which facial service works for you. We provide facial services to women only.

While there are a ton of beauty salons that provide facial services in Singapore CBD, there aren’t many who follow the process (and some don’t even do extraction). A scientific facial process is where a beauty salon is better than what we as women can do at home. Your home routine is best for maintenance only.

Which facial should I do?
If you want a fresh boost of glow or have your face feel brighter, you should opt for Whitening Facial.
We will follow a six step facial process (including extraction) to penetrate conditioners deep into your skin. Frequency – as required by you (or follow our unbiased advice).

If you have problems with blackheads or pimples on your face, you should go for a Refining facial.
In this 6 step process, we will Cleanse, Scrub, Steam, Extract, Massage and Mask as our routine which will make a visible difference within 1 session. Depending on the intensity of pimples/blackheads, you may follow up with a visit every 3 or 4 weeks. The focus of the session is to refine your pores and hence the name. For pimples, your therapist will decide whether to massage or not (very important for you to know as a consumer).

If your skin feels dry and dull, you would want to revitalize it with Hydrating Facial.

The process for hydration is similar with minor changes, such as mask and duration. We will use an conditioning which deeply nourishes skin hence you will get a feel of youthfulness after every session. General recommended routine is about 4 weeks.

If your skin feels dull or aged (or for mature skin), you should definitely go for a Collagen Facial.
Using our facial process, we will add elasticity to your facial skin as a result of which it will be taut and supple. For mature skin, you will see decreased wrinkles as an aftereffect. Recommended frequency is about 3 weeks.

If you have dark circles, puffy eyes or wrinkles around the eye area, you should top up your facial with an eye treatment. Note we will be removing your makeup 🙂

When to choose Electro-Therapy facials?
With technology, we are able to kill bacteria, ensure better penetration of serums using an ampule and increase skin health. While it is better, it does cost about twice as much. You may have heard of ultrasonic (or ultrasound) facial treatment, RF (radio frequency) facial treatment and so on. These are basically done using the Electro therapy machine.
Thumb rule – if you don’t have acne/pimples and still did not get extraction for your facial, then is a waste of money.

Understanding Ampules:
We know from experience that two ampules do not do better than one and have heard stories about customers ending to pay more (per ampule). We will use only one ampule per facial session as the 2nd gives no benefit. At Bonita, prices remain same before and after a service! (sometimes less if you got a promotion from us).

Besides hygiene, service and privacy; Bonita will add up ambiance and quality experience that is impossible to find in CBD without paying more. In fact pricing you pay nearly at HDB shop house rate and get The Bonita Experience. Drop by and enjoy our service!

Facial Services In A Glance (Refer services for full list)

Type of service Price
Express Facial $38
Hydrating Facial or Refining Facial $75
Collagen Facial $110
Instant Glow Facial $130
Eletro Therapy facial ( for Refining, Collagen, Whitening purposes) $150
Eye Treatment $45

You should also expect long term service savings if you frequent a shop and hence we provide packages that reduce your prices by a whopping 30%. It goes without saying that we will suggest you a package but never ask you to buy one if you are not interested (things we dislike when we visit others).
Our products are tried and tested for effectiveness. We know what works best for regular needs, hence you wont end up overpaying.. Ever..

More info?

Talk to us for recommended schedules of salon visits. (you may still go for others, we simply offer unbiased advice)

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