Impromptu dinner tonight without any preparation? Look your best without a facial specially designed for the immediate effect difference in 1 session. 

In each session, the skin is cleansed, exfoliated, nourished, and locked to keep it hydrated, making it appear more elastic and youthful. Make an appointment with us and learn more about your skin. Let us recommend the best facial for you.  

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Mel Kaur
Mel Kaur
January 22, 2023.
Wish I had discovered this place sooner.. Neeru is very friendly and did such a great job with my hair henna the first time at Raffles. Requested for Neeru again and as she is usually at Tanjong Pagar, my second visit was there yesterday. Raffles outlet has a bigger space and is more cozy but what matters in the end is the service delivered. Neeru is really good at what she does!
Eunise Ling
Eunise Ling
January 13, 2023.
Affordable, quick and as how i instructed! Coming back again for sure! Thanks Renu! A bit difficult to look for the shop though as in the hotel but their front entrance is between two japanese restaurants.
December 20, 2022.
Second time getting my eyebrows threaded by Neeru and she did a fantastic job! I am very particular with the shape and thickness of my eyebrows but she executes it so perfectly each time. Price is also very reasonable / affordable for the accessible location in town and near Tanjong Pagar MRT! Would highly reccomend
Karen Graham
Karen Graham
December 16, 2022.
Picked this place due to the proximity to my hotel and the reviews posted. What a great find. My technician was fast and effective and all for a good price. Great job!
Sara C. Sandhaas
Sara C. Sandhaas
December 5, 2022.
I have been using their services for more than five years now. Neeru, Manjeet and the team are very friendly and professional. No hard sell and genuinely accomodative of your requests. Thanks!
December 4, 2022.
Affordable place to do brow threading. Used to go to browhaus but it can be 2-3x more expensive. Sometimes, depending on the therapist, the process can be a bit painful though (they are not that gentle compared to Browhaus).
s silva
s silva
December 3, 2022.
Komal’s service, care and attention is always very good!

Lunch Time Facial?

Are you looking for an everyday facial without overpaying for the service? We provide high-quality facials for female patrons only so they relax and rest with total privacy. Many beauty salons are providing facial services in Singapore CBD; however, there are not many who follow the whole process (and do not even do an extraction.)

Is Facial Extraction Important?

Yes, it is!

The benefits of facial extractions are endless, like having an even and clear complexion. There will be less congestion and breakout, and the skin will absorb the minerals from your other facial products better.

New facial treatment at Bonita

The Illumine Brightening Treatment is aimed to properly refine the skin with its innovative formulation of each product with the treatment set coupled with the carefully selected premium active ingredients and thorough experimentation of treatment procedure to achieve optimal skin renewal results. The treatment is recommended for skin that appears dull with the uneven skin tone that requires boosting. The result is brighter, healthier and more radiant skin.

Type of Facials

Express Facial includes a clean scrub and mask or face massage. This is a fast express facial for ladies who need a quick boost.

Refining facial will help with the blackheads/ pimples with visible results in 1 session. The entire process will include 6 steps procedure, and depending on the facial problem intensity, you may only need to do a follow-up with a visit every 3 or 4 weeks

No one wouldn’t want a fresh boost of glow complexion; the whitening facial is one of the most popular options. It helps to smoothen the uneven skin, brighten up and reduce the pigmentation and dark spots. It helps to increase elasticity, softness and hydration.

Hydrating Facial will help revitalise dull and dry skin and give your skin a moist radiance. During the procedure, Bonita would do a conditioning technique which deeply nourishes the skin. It would help to firm and smoothen the skin leaving it with young and elastic-looking skin. The recommended follow-up is every 4 weeks.

Are you experiencing a loss of skin elasticity? Elastosis, also known as loss of elasticity, can be treated with a collagen facial. Saggy, crinkled, and leathery skin are common symptoms of elastosis. Using our facial procedure, you will be able to increase the elasticity of your facial skin, which will be taut and supple. 

Lifting Facial is an add-on to your facial procedure; the result shows the best effect on facial skin with dark circles, puffy eyes or wrinkles around the eye areas.

This treatment is designed to have a total of 10 steps which includes – double cleansing > peeling > skin vacuum > toner with high-frequency treatment > serum with ultrasound (add-on) > booster with cold hammer treatment > mask and massage together with cold hammer treatment > toner > moisturiser > sunblock.

This whole process may take a total of 110 minutes.

Price List

Type of Facial Price
Express Facial (3 Step) $38
Hydrating Facial $89
Refining Facial $89
Collagen Facial $110
Whitening Facial $130
Lifting Facial $149
Illumine Brightening Treatment $189
This service is only available for female patrons and please note that during the session all makeup will removed.
Consult our beautician and choose a service for specific skin conditions
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