Tired of spending money with bleaching product? At Bonita, we treat you with a specially procured fruit bleach and a custom routine.

The bleach is pleasant to smell, much softer to skin than commercially available products. Drop us a note to find out more!

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do we sell our bleach? No we don’t.
  2. Do I see results in first session? Not necessary : A trial is recommend to test your skin’s response to the services and our product. Frankly, very few customers see results in first session. We’d rather use our current product as it does not harm the skin when compared to stronger bleaching solutions.
  3. Is it permanent? No. Darkening occurs due to a variety of lifestyle related habits and is bound to re-appear.
  4. How many sessions before I see noticeable change? We have seen this to be an average of 3 sessions. First try, observe, re-consult and only then can we suggest a repeat.
  5. How often can I do this? Bleaching is a chemical process and will damage skin if you overdo it. We recommend a gap of 21 days. Be steady to win the race.
  6. Do I need an appointment? Yes, bleaching services are strictly by appointment.

More info?

  1. Talk to us for recommended schedules of salon visits (you may still go for others, we simply offer unbiased advice)
  2. 10% trial offer valid for first visit
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