Our Story

Bonita is a Spanish word that means beautiful. Our belief is that every girl is beautiful, and we draw inspiration from our moms, sisters, daughters, and every girl who manages the demands of work and life as we know it today. At Bonita – The CBD salon, we provide time-tested beauty regimes to help our customers look and feel great, without any prejudice of any kind.

The founders of Bonita were frustrated with the hard-selling tactics, the poor quality of products, the disrespect shown to service providers, and the lack of attention to hygiene and proper beauty care. In response, they created Bonita in 2013. These values became the foundation of the company, which is reflected in every aspect of our business, from the services & products we offer to our team members and clients.

Hygiene, High Quality Product & Service, Privacy

At Bonita, we uphold an unwavering commitment to maintaining 100% quality in every aspect of our business. Our customers can rest assured that we never charge more than the listed price, and we pride ourselves on avoiding any hard-sell tactics.

Women-only salon, designed for women's comfort

We reinforce the privacy of every customer whether in service or contract. We train our staff diligently and welcome feedback.

Founders of Bonita

Team Bonita

Work for Bonita


Bonita welcomes application from beauticians for whom superior customer service as their key motivation. We serve with pride; drop us a note if you are customer focused.


P.S. No exception to customer service (workmanship with pride).