Bonita means Beautiful in Spanish

Welcome to Bonita – The CBD Salon.

Beauty isn’t skin deep (that’s vanity), its deeper and represents the work we do i.e. provide grooming services to women in CBD. Bonita or “beautiful” in Spanish is our representation of every woman that is there, no matter what; we do our bit by making it easier for them.

From the time you say Bonita, till you step out, you will experience beauty. We are specialized in
everyday beauty services and grooming that promises you “The Bonita Experience”. Our focus is hygiene, service
and privacy for her. We maintain 100% quality from the products we use to the services provided. Customer never pays a cent extra than the listed prices nor do we entertain hard selling. In fact, it is difficult to find a beauty salon in CBD with such standards that does all your beauty services with at rates charged by HDB shop house. Drop by and experience the CBD experience from Bonita for yourself.


Services in a Glance

All your beauty related services in one shop in CBD at Tanjong Pagar. We offer traditional threading for your eyebrows and facial hair. Our facial services range from regular facials to special attention such as eye treatments and electro-therapy facials (extractions are included in price!).

We use standard and premium quality warm wax to service for your waxing needs resulting in super smooth skin. Our waxing services are limited to women (no exceptions). Some of our customers prefer to bleach and our special fruit bleaches give you that lovely fragrant experience while being soft to your skin. The Hair Care category includes traditional hair cuts (no tweezers), hair-colors using natural henna or chemical dyes and go all the way to super rejuvenating hair spa treatments. For a detailed list of our beauty services, kindly check out our services pricing section.

As beauticians we have provided beauty services to Singapore CBD for over a decade. As Bonita, we offer customer service; with experience and convenience guaranteed for each and every session. Drop by and enjoy our service. Be sure to check with us on the most recent deal for you when you call. We don’t sell at discount sites, nor will do so (ever). You may like our Facebook pages to be familiar with promotion as and when we release them.

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