Waxing Services (Hair removal services)

Looking for waxing services  in CBD? We have 2 branches in CBD and provide a variety of waxing services such underarm waxing (armpit waxing), half arm waxing, leg waxing or even full body waxing and so on. (Sorry men, Bonita provides waxing services for women only)

You can book an appointment right away for 100% perfect service at 0% discount or read more about our waxing services.

Like you we are women and give utmost priority to hygiene, service and privacy when choosing a spa or a salon. There’s a ton of beauty salons that provide waxing services in Singapore CBD, yet our standards can be felt and seen from the moment you enter. Beyond the usual grooming served by exceptionally skilled therapist, Bonita adds up with shop ambiance, and an experience that is nearly impossible to find in at our competitive prices. The Bonita Experience is our key promise and we hope to see you soon at our either of our salons (Tanjong Pagar/One Raffles place).

No service is perfect without the best products and hence what wax do we use? There are 3 type of wax that we prefer (time tested over many years):

  1. Standard warm wax : Wax made from sugar and honey (this is not same as sugar wax). Flavor: dark chocolate
  2. Premium warm wax : Cream based wax. Flavor : white chocolate.
  3. Hard wax : We use hard wax for Brazilian waxing and underarm waxing only

We have used other flavors and carry only those few that are beyond doubt the best for hair removal (least pain, most hair removed, fastest to work with, safe with all skin types).

See you soon?

Prices for some of waxing services using standard wax (Refer services for full list)

Services name Price
Underarm waxing (also called armpit waxing) $16
Half Arms waxing $27
Full Arms waxing $38
Half Leg (bottom) waxing $33
Full Leg waxing $55

You should also expect long term service savings if you frequent a shop and hence we provide packages that reduce your prices by a whopping 30%. It goes without saying that we will suggest you a package but never ask you to buy one if you are not interested (things we dislike when we visit others).

*We dont carry Aloe vera flavor as it does not work well on sensitive skin and honey wax was recently removed due to inefficient hair removal.

More info?

  1. Click here to learn about Brazilian waxing service
  2. Talk to us for underarm whitening treatment
  3. Offer valid for one time trial
  4. Waxing services are by appointments

*Check out the full list of waxing services. For a particular combo of service that you do often, we can build a special package. E.g. If you frequently do only buttocks waxing and midriff waxing we will build a package.

*Cooling Mask for sensitive area is standard add on of $20.

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