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For removing facial hair, you can rely on threading, waxing or plucking. With us you can choose to visit one of the 2 prime CBD salons at Tanjong Pagar and One Raffles Place. This means you don’t shuffle about at Little India, wait months for an appointment, or travel far from your office. Simply book and get that #eyebrow #swag in 5 mins. Are we good? Look for our reviews on Google and judge for your self. And yes, threading services are offered to both men and women.

Why do we recommend threading? Here’s our 2 cents on it.

What is Threading (epilation)?
An age old, time tested method of facial hair removal. While the origins are vague (likely China), it gets referred to as traditional threading or indian style threading. Your therapist removes facial hair (eyebrow, upper lips, and so on) using a cotton thread (our threads are handpicked from India) while you stretch the area with fingers. The shape of eyebrow can be amazingly well defined by our specialized technique (no razors needed).

Benefits vs Waxing?
We provide wax based facial hair removal as well, and know by experience that it is not suitable for all skin types and may give you rashes/bumps.

Benefits vs Plucking?
We don’t pluck; it is a ridiculously painful and time consuming way of grooming facial hair!
– Plucking is unable to remove finer hair and gives you in-grown
– Time consuming and does not give you a well defined shape

Laser Hair Removal?
We don’t do it. Its a relatively new technology and we wait for it to stand the test of time!

We at Bonita have been threading away for many years (decades or so) and guarantee professional service within minutes. Bonita is great for you if you work or stay near CBD.

You can check out our prices for services here and enjoy benefits of packages if you so prefer.


  1. How long does it take us? 5 to 15 mins (eyebrow to full face).
  2. How painful for first timer? An ant bite. Some of our customers say that painless threading exists, and it is at Bonita! The pain is decided by thickness of hair and skin sensitivity – inform your therapist that you are a first time and she will take care of you. Every customer is different and hence we may recommend wax on a case to case basis.
  3. Are the prices for both brows : oh yes, they are. We don’t complicate.
  4. Is there a discount : Perhaps, ask us (on Facebook messenger for instance).
  5. When to use hard wax? Ask us, we will review (content page still in development).

Threading Services In A Glance (Refer services for full list)

Price Trial Price
Chin $6 Not available
Lip $6 Not available
Side Locks $8 Not available
Jawline $8 Not available
Forehead $8 Not available
Cheeks $8 Not available
Lip and Chin $10 Not available
Eyebrows $9 Not available
Lip and Eyebrows $14 Not available
Forehead and Eyebrows $15 Not available
Lip, Chin and Eyebrows $16 Not available
Fullface without Eyebrows $24 Not available
Fullface with Eyebrows $28 Not available
Fullface with Neck and Eyebrows $30 Not available

*Threading services done for both men and women

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